4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KINGTECH
Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS
Model Number: H10
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Factory reqular package
Delivery Time: 15-25days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500,000pcs/Per month
Detail Information
Product Category: Ott Android Tv Box Android Set Top Box Amlogic 905x 4k Streaming Player Android OS: 9.0
Chipset: Amlgoic 905w Size: 100*100*17mm
Weight: 353g HDMI: HDMI 2.0b With CEC
Resoluton: 4K(3840*2160pixel) Color: Black
High Light:

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px


Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD


3840*2160px Amlogic 905w

Product Description

Iptv Box Android Set Top Box Streaming Player Live Tv Quad-Core VOD


Our IPTV box or a set-top box is a device used to convert streaming signals received via the internet protocol into a format that a TV can read and reproduce. In other words, set-top boxes translate the language of the internet protocol. Our boxes are often connected to the TV via HDMI or AV cables, or even through Wi-Fi connection for newer models.

1. Assumption

The proposal is based on following assumptions on OTT BOX LIVE TV’s new planned services,

  • Live TV and related services delivered in OTT mode
  • Multi-DRM solution adopted for content protection
  • Operation in OPEX mode
  • Android STB from us as CPE device
  • More open ecosystem connected devices for companion service are required

2. Solution proposal

  • Solution overview

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 0

The above picture is proposed solution from XXXXX TV OTT live TV.

  • Goose Cloud TV service

It is TV SaaS which let operator setup their own TV business on this platform. The official web site is Operator can make a free trial or order resources to LIVE TV business with clicks.

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 1

It consists of following subsystems,

  • VNO portal

Admin portal for virtual network operator to manage brand, content, product, user, App and routine operation.

  • Encoder/Transcoder farm

After channel defined on Goose platform, channel streaming is uploading through https connection. If necessary, source streaming will be transcoded for end-user streaming service.

  • Streaming subsystem

The streaming subsystem inside Goose platform are default CDN which deliver streaming service to end user.

  • End-user subsystem

Application servers provide user authentication/authorization, content/service discovery for end user.

  • Mercury subsystem

Big data system provides analytics report to operator and program recommendations to end user.

  • Panel Marketing service

Panel is an assistant tool which support operator to sell TV subscriptions through reseller network. It is optional. If TV plan to sell TV subscriptions by own channel, user codes can be exported.

  • Multi-DRM service

Multi-DRM service is pre-integrated from 3rd party partner. Currently, Iredto is supported. It is also provided as cloud service. Widevine, playready, fairplay are supported.

  • 3rd party CDN

3rd party CDN is integrated as complementary service on Goose platform. It delivers streaming service to end user when Goose own CDN service’s capacity overrun, such as at peak time when live football match is ongoing.


  • Solution Highlights

In this proposal, an OPEX mode solution is presented to XXXXX TV. It has the following highlights,

  • Fast time to market

To launch TV service is quite easy on Goose platform. Please refer to “Steps to start business on Goose platform” to know how easy. Operator can also make a trial on From sign-up to watching TV program on client device, operator even can complete tasks within 20 minutes by following workflow steps in VNO portal. For commercial launch, TV services can be launched within days if well-planning have been done in advance.

  • Low TCO and low risk

Goose provides an affordable TV SaaS service. Not like most TV SaaS platforms from other vendor, Goose charges operator in user basis instead of usage mode such as streaming bandwidth. The latter is not friendly to broadcast TV service which is in heavy-usage mode. Please refer to “costs calculation of some typical scenarios” to feel how low to run service on Goose platform. Platform is maintained by Goose team. XXXXX TV only care about channel content.

  • Flexible business mode

Goose support two-level operation, i.e., VNO and Brand level. VNO is responsible for managing public content and creating brand business. Brand is responsible for developing TV subscriber and providing service to them. Flexible business mode can be supported with these mechanisms.

  • Directly sell TV service

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 2

  • Sell TV service through alliance business

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 3

For some reasons, for example, to leverage sales channel for some small broadband operator or operate a TV brand in a specific niche market, such as hotel, if XXXXX TV is willing to let 3rd party to operate TV business, Goose supports it.

  • Hybrid mode

Definitely, XXXXX TV can also operate TV business in hybrid mode, i.e., some own brands, some brands by alliance business.

  • Future-proofed solution

Goose platform supports service features which is essential to subscription-based TV service. It’s quite simple and core services to end user and is critical to keep low TCO for XXXXX TV. However, Goose also supports rich features if XXXXX TV requires, such as convergent service together with VOD, more connected device support (Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV etc). More advanced features are at hand. Goose is open to listen to XXXXX TV.

  • Service features

The following service features are supported in online Goose platform,

Service feature Description Remarks
Live TV Live TV channels are managed in category and playlist. Provide subscriber with subscription-based TV package.  
Youtube channel Operator can define Youtube channel, and user can watch Youtube video as normal channel.  
Catch-up TV Channel can be configured as playback channel, by default 7x24 hours.  
Favorite list Subscriber can set favorite channel list.  
Adult lock Support PIN control for adult channel  
EPG EPG data from XMLTV feeds, and EPG guide for end user  
Reminder Set reminder for a TV program  
PIP Picture in picture Need STB HW support
Mosaic Support user-defined of operator-defined mosaic channel Need STB HW support
Campaign event Operator can manage UI look for a specific event campaign, such Christmas day  
Recommendation Top X channels and program can be recommended. And operator can recommend newly online channel.  
Advertisement AD placements can be managed such as login page  
Thematic tools Operator can use these tools to manage live TV program, such football season program  
Multilingual Support multiple language and set default language  
User message/EAS Send broadcast message to a specific group of users or send message to a specific user  
Upgrade Support online upgrading for a specific group of devices  


About STB hardware Provided by us:

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 4

4k Android Tv Ott Ematic Box 3840*2160px Amlogic 905w Quad Core VOD 5

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